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Lexicon School, Guildford

Our approach

Lexicon School is a Learner-Driven Community that is run predominantly by our pupils. Here, closely connected families of lifelong learners are bound by clear covenants where Learning to Learn, Learning to Do, Learning to Be are even more important than Learning to Know.

Learning designed for the 21stCentury

  • The latest in educational technology for self -paced mastery of literacy reading, writing and maths.
  • Deep Socratic discussions that hone powerful critical thinking, writing and speaking skills.
  • Hands-on projects designed to master the tools and skills needed to solve problems in the real world.
  • Written promises and covenants form a tightly bound community of individuals learning to form authentic friendships and honestly resolve interpersonal problems.

Lexicon School is an independent affiliate of Acton Academy, a network of learner-driven communities based in the US and around the world. Find out more about Acton Academy here.

Our Mission

Lexicon School’s mission is to guide each child on a journey to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and discover their calling.

Our Promises

We promise that your child will:

  • Begin their entrepreneurial journey
  • Discover and develop their strengths
  • Grow curiosity and become an independent learner
  • Understand that dedication and hard work are required to realise their calling
  • Understand the importance of character
  • Cherish the arts, the wonders of the physical world and the mysteries of life

Our Beliefs

  • Each child has a gift that can change the world in a profound way
  • Knowledge of self drives success in life
  • Learning to do, learning to be and learning to learn have become as important than learning to know
  • Asking the right questions is as important as knowing the answers
  • All children are innately curious and driven to learn
  • The ideal learning environment is a closely connected community of lifelong learners

What Is Education For?

At Lexicon School, we start with the most important question: What is education for? We believe education is about discovering a calling and about answering the most fundamental questions: Who am I? Where am I going? How do my passions and talents connect with the world around me? How can I serve a great need and even change the world?

Our Educational Philosophy

We believe that students should be the agents and primary drivers of their own learning. We believe that the role of adults is to prepare the physical and social environment, and curate experiences to support this entrepreneurial journey.

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