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At Lexicon, we approach learning with a broader set of experiences than the traditional model delivers. These experiences facilitate the development of skills, habits, character traits, relationships, knowledge and expertise necessary for success – even joy – in the world.

It’s easiest to think of these learning experiences in four buckets:

1. Core Academic Skills – “Learn to Know”

Mastery of the foundations of reading, writing and maths.


Instead of one-size-fits-none teacher lectures…

…Self-paced mastery of maths with cutting-edge personalised technology and peer mentoring.

2. Quests & Projects – “Learn to Do”

Hands-on projects to master the skills needed to solve real-world problems.


Instead of memorising the periodic table…

…you’re an A&E doctor in a 6-week simulation. You learn the processes, tools, decision trees and facts to triage patients. On the final-day Exhibition, parents come with prepared “diseases.” You can order an MRI, an X-ray, and cost out each procedure. The winner of the simulation is the doctor who saves the most lives (with correct diagnoses) for the lowest cost.

3. Socratic Discussion – “Learn to Learn”

Think and speak clearly to develop wisdom and judgment.


Instead of memorisation to cram for the test…

…You are Winston Churchill.

  • Do you allow the bombing of Dresden?
  • Reflect on this video of Dresden after its fire-bombing. Does this change your mind?
  • Reflect on this photo and personal account of a civilian in Germany. Does this change your mind?
  • Which ethical approach is more important to you: a values approach — “We do not kill people” — or a utilitarian approach — “Fewest total lives lost”?

4. Servant Leadership – “Learn to Be”

Develop habits and character traits that make for an abundant, fulfilling life.


Instead of schools designed to minimise behaviour problems…

…Students learn to lead by doing. Rewarded with Servant Leader Badges that celebrate important milestones, like:

  • Leading a conflict resolution discussion
  • Developing a mentor relationship with a personal hero
  • Completing deliberate practice of a skill you want to develop
  • Mentoring a team from a younger studio
  • Leading a team in accomplishing a big goal
  • Mastering a productivity skill


Above all, we believe in delighting families with a school experience you’ll be thrilled about.

One of life’s great experiences is the feeling of learning something challenging and worthwhile. Real growth is hard work – just like developing a muscle. It’s often even harder for parents than it is for children.

It’s not easy. But few meaningful things are.

For those up for the challenge, some of the outcomes we aim for are:

  • Young people who love school – Students who can’t wait for the holidays to be over, who want to come to school on weekends, who sing on their way to school.
  • Mastery of core academic skills – While only a small portion of the day is spent on Core Skills and there is zero “teaching to the test,” mastery of subjects through self-paced learning allows students to truly understand their subjects.
  • Self-management and leadership – Parents will most appreciate seeing their children take ownership of their learning. Meeting a Lexicon student speaks for itself: they will look you in the eye, ask powerful, thoughtful questions, are curious about the world around them and have plans they’re passionate about.
  • Profound adult/student relationships – We do not seek to teach students WHAT to think, rather HOW to think for themselves. This in turn engenders deeper, more effective relationships with adults, fellow students and the community. The Socratic method pushes this further, challenging students to listen to and question different ideas and points of view, investigating ideas deeply and formulating their own balanced, intelligent conclusions.


At Lexicon School, we start with the most important question: What is education for?

We believe education should ultimately be driven by the knowledge of self. We start with the most fundamental questions: Who am I? Where am I going? How do my passions and talents connect with the world around me? How can I serve a great need and even change the world?

To answer these questions best, students must be given agency – to become the drivers of their own learning. Here, adults guide and encourage, preparing the physical and social environment and curating engaging experiences to support this learning journey.


Spend time in a Lexicon School studio and you’ll see the layering of systems in a complex web of many moving pieces. But the secret sauce is simple, coming from deep within; our firm belief that every person who walks through our doors is a hero in the making.

The Hero’s Journey is the founding narrative of Lexicon – the ‘why’ behind our passion. Here, narrative and storyline mean everything. Take a peek at how our fellow travellers in America embrace the Hero’s Journey:

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